Air Force One over Mt. Rushmore

Air Force One over Mt. Rushmore

Air Force One is the name given to any plane carrying the President of the United States of America. It appears in the novel Eagle Strike when the President arrives in Britain for a holiday. Damian Cray, with the help of Yassen Gregorovich, hijacks it. Cray's soldiers kill the stewards and pilots and leave. The only people on board afterwards are: Damian Cray, Yassen Gregorovitch, Alex Rider, Sabina Pleasure and Henryk. During takeoff, Cray orders Yassen to kill Alex and Sabina. Yassen refuses, stating that he does not kill children. Cray draws a pistol and shoots Yassen. He then trains the pistol on Alex and shoots him in the chest, apparently killing him. Sabina, furious, calls Cray a monster and claws him down the face with both hands. Cray responds by grabbing her and throwing her against the wall. Preparing to shoot her, he is punched in the face by Alex, who survived due to a bullet-proof cycling jersey given to him by Mr.Smithers. Sabina opens the door and in doing so causes the emergency slide to activate. Cray prepares to kill Alex but Sabina crashes a refreshments trolley into him and Alex pushes him out of the plane. The trolley, with Cray on top of it, slides down the emergency slide, which is in the direct path of the No. 2 engine. With a horrified cry, Cray is sucked into the engine and is tenderized to mist. This causes Henryk to lose control of the plane and it crashes. Alex and Sabina survive, but it is later revealed that Henryk was killed when the crash broke his neck.

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