The Alex Rider graphic novels are the graphic novel adaptions to the original series.

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Antony Johnston, an award-winning British author known for his post-apocalyptic comic series Wasteland, adapted the original novels to comic format. The artists of the graphic novels are known as Yuzuru and Kanako, two sisters who have co-illustrated many titles including The Five Ancestors series and all the current Alex Rider graphic novels.

Graphic Novels

Currently the graphic novel series is comprised of four novels. Each book in the original series is to have a graphic novel adaption in time.


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Point Blanc

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Skeleton Key

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Eagle Strike

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See also

Yuzuru and Kanakoee

The sisters who illustrate the Alex Rider graphic novels despite the fact that they're a world apart.

Antony Johnston

The man who adapts the text of the original Alex Rider novels to comic format.

Anthony Horowitz

The award winning British author, creator of Alex Rider, without whom none of this would be possible.

The Original Books

All the original books in text format.

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