• Pingnova

    Newest Affiliation!

    November 15, 2011 by Pingnova

    The Alex Rider Wiki to date has two affiliations, the Alex Rider Fan Fiction Awards and the #AlexRiderFC of Today, we officially affiliated with the AlexRiderFC in a timely fashion. It helped that User:WarriorLoverInc created the group herself.

    If you have an account on deviantART, you're encouraged to visit our affiliate and support their Alex Rider-loving ventures.

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  • Pingnova

    WarriorLoverInc, a new admin, deactivated the comments below articles today. The talk pages of the articles are now the main source of editor communication.

    She also enabled the new and improved Wikia editor. Edit an article to check out the new content and design. Not to worry about the functions, all the old content (photo buttons, bold, italics, and underline buttons) are still present, just in a new position.

    Any questions about the new editor? Contact Wikia at Special:Contact.

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  • Pingnova

    The 's policy was changed slightly. View the new policy here. The exact changes are listed below.

    • Created "Plagarism" section: Plagarism is the exact copying of content against copyrights and / or without crediting the original source. This will not be tolerated on the Alex Rider Wiki. Admins and users are expected to be an active part in preventing the spread of plagarism by reporting suspicious content and / or finding and crediting the source(s) of the article information.

      The following is copyrighted under English and American law, and unless explicit permission is given by the copyright holder to the user it is not to be implimented on this wiki.

    • Any text or content from the Alex Rider novels and graphic novels
    • Walker Books, Penguin Group…
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  • Pingnova

    The 's Policy was changed slightly. View the new policy here.

    The exact changes are listed below:

    • In the "Vandalism" section: Vandals now recieve no warnings before they are blocked
    • Created the "Advertisement" section: All advertisements on this wiki are sold and managed by Wikia, Inc. If the content of these ad's seem abusive or inappropriate in any way, please contact the Wikia staff.
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  • Lcawte

    New Management

    February 17, 2010 by Lcawte

    Hello Alex Rider Wiki! Recently, I (Lcawte) posted a forum about adopting the wiki and new admins, only 2 of us got round to voting, and I was the only one left, so I submitted the request. I am now Admin and Bcrat of this wiki :D I also added as sysop. I myself will be working on the templates, MediaWiki and that side of stuff to begin with, and adding major content when I get some free time.

    Some plans I have for this wiki:

    • Clean up the place and request a Wikia Spotlight
    • Overhaul of Project pages, new ones including RfA, and other goodies,
    • New Skin/Logo, that match
    • Be the best Alex Rider encylcopedia we can be!

    Feel free to post any comments/suggestions here, and we'll respond with what we'll try to do about them!

    Happy Editing, Lcawte

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