Church of Forgotten Saints
Church of Forgotten Saints
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London, UK

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This building is the Church of Forgotten Saints. It's not actually a church; it's an oratory. It was built in the nineteenth century by a community of Catholic priests living in the area. They were rather odd. They worshipped a collection of saint who have all fallen into obscurity. You'd be amazed how many saints there are who we've completely forgotten about

—Julia Rothman explains the Church of Forgotten Saints

The Church of Forgotten Saints appears in the novel Scorpia.


It is located in a poverty stricken area of London in the United Kingdom.


It is a classical oratory with a bronze dome greened with age, it seems more suited for Rome or Venice. Two huge, cracked pillars support a triangular roof over the main entrance and statues line the steps and are dotted across the roof, although these are in a state of disrepair. The church was built in the nineteenth century by a community of Catholic priests who worshipped a collection of saints fallen into obscurity, such as St. Fiacre, the patron saint of gardeners and taxi drivers.

The church was bombed in WWII and was disused until SCORPIA took it over a few years ago to use as a base of operations for their project, Invisible Sword.


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