Edward Pleasure

Biographical Information
Name Edward Pleasure
Alias None
Title None
DOB Unknown
Age Unknown
Physical Information
Status Active
Nationality Unknown
Relationship Information
Family Unknown
Affiliations Unknown
Occupation Journalist
Series Information
First Appearance
Last Appearance
Journalists too had a long list of people who wanted to settle scores

—Alex Rider's opinions of Edward

Edward Pleasure was a journalist. He has a daughter called Sabina Pleasure who is friends with Alex Rider. He was target for a bomb in Eagle Strike for delving in too far into Damian Cray's history.

Physical Appearance

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Edward is a journalist and an author


Edward is married to Liz Pleasure, and has a daughter by the name of Sabina.

Role in Series

Eagle Strike

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Crocodile Tears

His car had a tire shot off whilst he was driving down the road from Kilmore Castle by mistake after attending a New Years party that had been held there. He was thought to have uncovered the secret link between Desmond McCain and Greenfields Bio Center. This attack led to the car being thrown off the road and into a Loch. Alex saved Edward's life there by pulling him out of the freezing water. Edward later recovered in hospital along with Alex and Sabina after being taken there by an foreign agent who was driving along at the time. Escaping death various times, Edward has had his taste of MI6 and the dangers, although he does not know it, remaining unaware of Alex's involvement with the organization.

Scorpia Rising

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