Jack Starbright
(Picture Above) Jack Starbright in the movie preparing Japanese

food for Ian Rider & Alex

Biographical Information
Name Jack Starbright
Alias None
Title Miss. Jack Starbright
DOB (Jack's birthday is never

mentioned in the books)

Age 28-29
Physical Information
Status Deceased (blown up)
Nationality American
Gender Female
Hair Red (books)

Blonde (film (and) graphic novel)

Eyes Blue
Skin Caucasian
Relationship Information
Family Mom, Dad, Older Sister, 3 young Nieces/Nephews
Affiliations Unknown
Occupation Former Art Student,

Former Law Student, Housekeeper, Babysitter

Series Information
First Appearance Stormbreaker
Last Appearance Never Say Die
Mentioned Russian Roulette
Jack Starbright was more than a housekeeper. She was his closest friend. She was the only adult friend he had. Certainly the only adult he could ever trust

Tulip Jones regarding the relationship between Jack and Alex

Jack Starbright first appears in the novel Stormbreaker.


She is Alex Rider's house keeper and caretaker.


Eight years before the start of Stormbreaker, she came to Britain. She struggled to receive a visa (mentioned by the MI6 director Alan Blunt), before Ian Rider employed her to look after Alex. After Ian died she became Alex's legal guardian, who she remained throughout the series until in the final book Scorpia Rising she got killed by a bomb.

Role in series


Jack Was Alex's legal guardian after Ian Rider died. She was in a way responsible for Alex to be a spy, because Blunt had persuaded Alex to take up spying by threatening to have Jack expelled from the country.

Appearance and personality

Jack is described as being in her late twenties, with tangled red hair and a round, boyish face, and is conveyed as being caring towards Alex, even if she isn't his legal guardian. The true nature of their relationship has been questioned and called more than extremely close. Though what is known is that she has been with (likely looked after) Alex since he was seven.

Stormbreaker film

Alicia Silverstone portrayed her in the film version of Stormbreaker. While in the novels she is a red-head, in the movie and the graphic novels Jack is blonde.


When Jack started working for Ian Rider, she was a college student. She took good care of Alex throughout the series.

Nobody ever knew what the name "Jack" stood for. Alex asked her a few times but she just changed the subject and didn't mention anything more.


As part of Razim's plan, she was tricked into finding clues for a plan to escape from her cell, where she was captured in Egypt in the last book, Scorpia Rising. She had car keys, and was going to use the car to get help. Little did she know that Razim, accompanied with Julius Grief, were making Alex Rider watch her demise as they blew up the car in the middle of the desert. 

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