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Alex really liked Sabina's parents. They were the sort of adults who hadn't forgotten they were once teenagers themselves

Alex Rider's opinion of Liz and Edward's parenting style

Elizabeth Pleasure is a minor character in both Eagle Strike and Crocodile Tears.[1][2] She is married to Edward Pleasure and is also the mother of Sabina Pleasure.[2]

Role in Series

Crocodile Tears

At the beginning of Crocodile Tears, Alex Rider and the Pleasure family go to a party in Scotland hosted by Desmond McCain. Liz Pleasure stayed home from the party because she felt unwell.[2]


She has brown hair, blue eyes, hair to her neck that is all i know BB



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Liz also played in a minor part in skeleton key due to the Wimbeldon tennos match

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 Elizabeth pleasure is a side character who only appears once in crocodile tears. even then she wasn't able to go to Kilmore Castle.

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