Daimon Cray

aka Taboo's Soulmate.

  • I live in The heart and mind of Vega...
  • I was born on July 14
  • My occupation is Taboo.
  • I am Taboo.
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  • Good evening, Daimon Cray. Or would you rather I call you, Mr. Cray? I am, like you, an Alex Rider fan, but unlike you I have only been started being one from the fist quarter of last year. My brother, who is now in university, used to be a HUGE fan of books that were written for kids, but more geared towards adults who just love a good adrenaline rush, cheese and thrill (I forgot to mention, that there's something about that last word which has my hairs on end, but you don't have to worry that). This series was one of them Is it just me or does your name sound like it could have been the name of a villain in an anime, while Mr. Horowitz's original antagonist name was the anglicisation? I seriously hope you're not a fan of those abysmal dubs that pervade throughout your country's media if that's the case.

    Anyway, let back to Sabina Pleasure. Considering how short her light-brown hair is (IN THE GRAPHIC NOVEL) and how she always seems to be looking up to Alex as an older brother more than anything (especially near the end of her role in the plot), I can't help but wonder: Did Mr. Horowitz unknowing pen the initial template of Kuroko Shirai? Sorry if that came out of left field, but I couldn't help but take notice. I also envisioned that Tamara Knight was actually an alternate universe's version of "BIRBIRI" because of how nonchalant about Alex when he was accepted under Nikolei Drevin's care, as well as her unyielding desire to  uncover the truth. If both of them were to come across each other.....

    AoyamaFire (talk) 11:45, September 6, 2014 (UTC) AoyamaFire, 19:44, September 6 2014 (GMT)

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