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Anthony Horowitz announced on October 19 2016, that there will be an 11th Alex Rider Novel.

An excerpt from chapter 1 can be found at:

An excerpt from chapter 2 can be found at:

It is due to be released on June 1st 2017 in the UK, and in October in the USA.

When talking about the new book Anthony Horowitz said:

'For the first time in over three years, and contrary to my expectations, I found myself revisiting my character, Alex Rider. And I realised how much I had missed him.'

'The ideas came thick and fast. In fact, the new book has more action sequences – and more spectacular action – than anything I’ve written so far. I have loved writing it and I am certain it will appeal not just for new readers but to young people in their teens and twenties who grew up with Alex.’


The world's greatest teen spy is back in action in a thrilling new mission: destroy once and for all the terrorist organization SCORPIA. Americans may have purchased more than 6 million copies of Alex's adventures, but now, more than ever, we all need his heroics.

Following the events of Scorpia Rising, Alex relocates to San Francisco as he slowly recovers from the tragic death of his best friend and caregiver, Jack Starbright, at the hands of terrorists working for SCORPIA. With Jack gone, Alex feels lost and alone, but then, out of the blue, he receives a cryptic email--just three words long, but enough to make Alex believe that Jack may be alive. Armed with this shred of hope, Alex boards a flight bound for Egypt and embarks on a dubious quest to track Jack down.  Yet SCORPIA knows Alex's weakness. And the question of whether Jack is alive soon takes a backseat to a chilling new terrorist plot--one that will determine the lives of many.  From Egypt to France to Wales, from luxury yachts to abandoned coal mines, Alex traverses a minefield of dangers and cryptic clues as he fights to discover the truth.

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