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Research and Analysis Wing (RAW)
Organization Information

First Appearance

Crocodile Tears

Last Appearance

Crocodile Tears

I belong to a devision of the Indian secret service called Raw. It stands for Research and Analysis Wing and it deals with counter-terrorism, foreign affairs and covert actions. My own department goes further than that. Our activities often come up under a single word. Revenge

—Rahim describes RAW

Research and Analysis Wing (or RAW) is a division of the Indian secret service and one of their operatives, Rahim, appears in the novel Crocodile Tears.


It deals with counter-terrorism, foreign affairs and covert action. Their activities often come under revenge. Rahim says that his own department goes further.

One of their missions was about the nuclear power station in which they sent Rahim to take revenge by killing Desmond McCain.

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