They were following a long, straight road over a stretch of land that had somehow been hammered flat, with an airstrip on one side and a cluster of four high-tech buildings on the other. The buildings were large, smoked glass and steel, each one joined to the next by a covered walkway. There were two aircraft next to the landing-strip. A helicopter and a small cargo plane. Alex was impressed. The whole complex must have been about five kilometres squared. It was quite an operation.

—Alex Rider's first glance at Sayle Enterprises

Sayle Enterprises is a company that appears in the novel Stormbreaker.


Sayle Enterprises is owned by Herod Sayle, whom it is named after. They manufactured the Stormbreaker computers.


It's only known loacation is a factory and guest houses in Port Tallon, Cornwall, UK. They are located in a high-security complex about five kilometers square built above a disused tin mine.