St. Dominic's Hospital
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Ark Angel

It was one of the places favoured by the Special Operations division of MI6 when their agents were damaged in the field. This was where they sent them to recover

—St. Dominic's Hospital description

St. Dominc's Hospital


St. Dominic's Hospital is described in the Ark Angel novel as " of London's most exclusive private hospitals. Rock stars and television celebrities came here... There were also VIP's from abroad." It is also known for its high-class food and care, delineated as "five-star" and "world-class." Some celeberties are known to pretend to be sick just so they could stay at St. Dominic's because the food was so good.


The exact location of St. Dominic's is never stated in the book, but it is mentioned that it is located somewhere in London.


There were no doubt many patients of St. Dominic's, a few notable ones are:


Of course hospitals do not run by themselves and patients do not do their own physical therapy.

  • Diana Meacher (nurse)
  • Conor Hackett (receptionist) (deceased)
  • Roger Hayward (doctor)

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