Biographical Information
Name --
Alias Steel Watch
Title --
DOB --
Age --
Physical Information
Status Deceased
Nationality --
Gender --
Hair --
Eyes --
Skin --
Relationship Information
Family --
Affiliations Force Three, Nikolei Drevin
Occupation Terrorist, scapegoat for Nikolei Drevin
Series Information
First Appearance Ark Angel
Last Appearance Ark Angel
Mentioned --
Steel Watch: You!
Alex Rider: I don't suppose you've got the time?

—Steel Watch and Alex Rider

Steel Watch is a character from Ark Angel. He is part of the fake terrorist organization Force Three.


Steel Watch and the other Force Three members kill a journalist and a man named Max Webber. Later, they break into a hospital to kidnap Paul Drevin, but stumble upon Alex Rider. Alex manipulates Steel Watch and causes him to get attached to a MRI machine.

Later, he spots Force Three at the stadium, where they kill Adam Wright. On Flamingo Bay, he is killed by Magnus Payne.

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