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MI6 Head MI6 Agent
  • I live in Brighton, United Kingdom
  • I was born on September 6
  • My occupation is Jack of All Trades
  • I am Male
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    April 23, 2010 by Lcawte

    I just thought I would copy other people and let you know what I'm up to.. Well, I'm majorly working on Travian Wiki at the moment, I'm trying to get it more active, and get it to spotlight status.. I've done alot of work, redesigning the main page, community portal, a logo.. I'm just trying to finish off the content requirements there before I request the spotlight. Then I should be done, other than checking for vandalism a few times a day, and making the odd improvement to techy-ish stuff. I also have my hands full monitering article comments at Recipes Wiki. That takes a lot of my time up as its usually a prime target. After I've got Travian Wiki out of the way, my next big Project will be here. As a huge fan of Alex Rider, I'm glad to …

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  • Lcawte

    New Management

    February 17, 2010 by Lcawte

    Hello Alex Rider Wiki! Recently, I (Lcawte) posted a forum about adopting the wiki and new admins, only 2 of us got round to voting, and I was the only one left, so I submitted the request. I am now Admin and Bcrat of this wiki :D I also added as sysop. I myself will be working on the templates, MediaWiki and that side of stuff to begin with, and adding major content when I get some free time.

    Some plans I have for this wiki:

    • Clean up the place and request a Wikia Spotlight
    • Overhaul of Project pages, new ones including RfA, and other goodies,
    • New Skin/Logo, that match
    • Be the best Alex Rider encylcopedia we can be!

    Feel free to post any comments/suggestions here, and we'll respond with what we'll try to do about them!

    Happy Editing, Lcawte

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