Hello Alex Rider Wiki! Recently, I (Lcawte) posted a forum about adopting the wiki and new admins, only 2 of us got round to voting, and I was the only one left, so I submitted the request. I am now Admin and Bcrat of this wiki :D I also added Shinkei1923 as sysop. I myself will be working on the templates, MediaWiki and that side of stuff to begin with, and adding major content when I get some free time.

Some plans I have for this wiki:

  • Clean up the place and request a Wikia Spotlight
  • Overhaul of Project pages, new ones including RfA, and other goodies,
  • New Skin/Logo, that match
  • Be the best Alex Rider encylcopedia we can be!

Feel free to post any comments/suggestions here, and we'll respond with what we'll try to do about them!

Happy Editing, Lcawte

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