Wolf as depicted in the Stormbreaker film.
Biographical Information
Name Wolf
Alias Wolf
Title --
DOB Unknown
Age Unknown
Physical Information
Status Active
Nationality British
Gender Male
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
Skin Olive (brown)
Relationship Information
Family Unknown
Affiliations SAS; MI6; British gov't
Occupation Solider; Leader of SAS rescue unit
Series Information
First Appearance Stormbreaker
Last Appearance Point Blanc
Mentioned Ark Angel
Wolf was a popular leader. He was tough and he was fast, completing a forty-kilometre hike as if it was just a stroll in the park. But he had a weak spot. Somehow he'd allowed this parachute jump to get the better of him and he was too scared to move

—Alex regarding Wolf's fear of the parachute jump

Wolf is a member of SAS, who was in training at the same time as Alex Rider.[1]

Role in Series


Wolf is the team leader of K-Unit, the four men in SAS trianing at the Brecon Beacons. Wolf is quite nasty to Alex and goes out of his way to tease him, calling him Double O' Nothing. It is mentioned that Wolf speaks Russian like it is not his second language. Wolf even made Alex fail when they where doing a practice mission in the SAS.

once, Alex pushes Wolf out of the plane when K-Unit go for an exercise because Wolf is afraid of heights.

Point Blanc

Alex met Wolf again near the end of his second mission, when MI6 brought SAS in, to save the captured children at Point Blanc academy. By this time Wolf had finished his training, and was the leader of the SAS rescue unit. Wolf ended up saving Alex's life, by shooting Eva Stellenbosch who was about to kill Alex.[2]

Ark Angel

Wolf sent Alex a card whilst he was in St Dominic from Baghdad.

Physical Appearance

Wolf is a short, muscular man, in his mid-twenties with square shoulders and black, close-cropped hair. He has cold dark brown eyes and a handsome face, made slightly uneven by his his nose, which was broken at some time in the past.


  • In Never Say Die Wolf says his real name is Ben Daniels, this contradicts Snakehead where FOX says he is Ben Daniels.


  1. Stormbreaker by Anthony Horowitz (primary)
  2. Point Blanc by Anthony Horowitz (primary)

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